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CB Marketing

Manufacturers of Legend 13D Pump Systems & Representatives for Specialty Fire Protection Products

Apollo Backflow Valves

Apollo Backflow Preventers have all the features and quality you would expect from a leader in the industry. Backed by a five year warranty and made in the USA, Apollo valves are the only choice for your backflow needs.

NFPA 13D Pumps and 13D Tanks

Legend 13D Pumps are a full line of 13D pumps and 13D tanks for all your residential 13D needs. They offer high quality and dependability. You can count on Legend 13D Pumps for your 13D residential fire pump needs.

NFPA 20 Patterson Fire Pumps

The global Leader in Fire Pumps, Patterson Pump Company offers a variety of high quality products that fit your specific needs. Whether you have a 1,000 sq. ft. facility or a 100,000 sq. ft. facility, they have the right pumps for you.

Control Panels and Water Storage

CB Marketing represents many other product lines to help you complete your project. If you are looking for control panels or water storage options, we can help.

CB Marketing

Who We Are

Founded in 1993, CB Marketing is a locally owned manufacture representative for the water and fire industry. Our team of committed sales representatives are dedicated to providing excellent service to you, our valuable customers.